About Us

Sandfire Farms, Inc. is a Christian-based, family-owned small business located near Brownsburg, IN and operated by Bonny and Tom Nowlin.

Bonny has a significant amount of horse experience. She has over 30 years of riding experience and has owned her own horses for over 24 years. Her educational background is in horses, as well, with a degree in Biology and a minor in Equine (Horse) Science. Her minor provided a foundation for horse training and teaching riding lessons. Previously, Bonny taught riding lessons at Heatherwood Equestrian Academy.



Tom has worked with horses on and off for many years and has owned horses for the past eight years. They decided to start their pony ride business to combine their love of horses and ponies with their love of children.

Witnessing the joy on a child’s face when they get to ride a pony for the first time is a wonderful experience they both treasure. They truly love what they do; and the ponies really enjoy the children…especially when they get carrot treats!