Moonbeams & Pony Dreams…Mystical Ponies

Does your child dream about mystical ponies or having a magical pony of her/his own?  If your answer is yes, then here is a party made of “moonbeams and pony dreams”…choose from three main options:

The Unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn cropped

1) The mystical Unicorn is a favorite of all ages.  This option is typically a white pony but another pony can also be chosen.  There are two different unicorn options:

a) The natural hair unicorn, with ribbons and flowers.  Flower/ribbon colors include:  pink, turquoise, purple, and rainbow.

b) The colored mane unicorn (temperature dependent, typically May-early Sept).  The pony hair can be one color alone or any combination of available colors.

The most popular hair color is Rainbow.  If you would like to choose another color or combination of colors, you can choose from the following colors to make your combination: Purple, Lime Green, Red, Dark Blue, Orange, and Yellow.  Pink and Turquoise may also be available but due to the inconsistency of those colors…the pink sometimes comes out as red and the turquoise sometimes is a greenish-blue…the cost may be higher since we may need to purchase more expensive versions of these two colors.  The most common requests are:  Rainbow, Pink/Purple, Turquoise/Purple, or Turquoise alone .

Both options for this package comes with a sequined or glittery saddle blanket/halter.   Color options for halter/saddle blanket are:  pink, purple, turquoise, and lime green (lime is halter color only).

You can also add a special unicorn themed birthday card from the pony, “signed” by the pony. 

Mystic the Unicorn and a young riderWhat parents say about this theme:  “Everyone had such an AMAZING time! It was everything I had imagined and MORE!  His colors were so vivid and beautiful. Worth every penny.  The grown ups loved it just as much as the kids! Everything went off without a hitch and no one was bored for a single second. I am positive that no one will ever forget that day. I wish we could go back in time and do it again!” -Tiffany H. Adorable

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Our natural haired unicorn in the summer.


Natural hair unicorn with a furry winter coat-months of April, part of May, September, October

Our sweet natural unicorn with rainbow flowers/ribbons and a winter coat, starting to doze!!

The Cartoon Pony

2)Choose from an existing special cartoon pony or create your own (hair color only, body cannot be colored).   The pony or ponies can have colored hair (temperature dependent) similar to one of the their favorite cartoon ponies or create your own.  See the unicorn above for the available color options.

You can also add a special cartoon pony themed birthday card from the pony, “signed” by the pony. 

Our Betsy with colored hair! 🙂

The Pegasus

3) Have you ever dreamed of flying away on your magical horse?  Try a Pegasus!  Our Pegasus is a white pony with magical wings and a natural white mane (a unicorn horn can be added as well).  Pegasus is also available with a colored mane (temperature dependent).  Please see the unicorn above for available color options.  This package comes with a sequined saddle blanket/halter.   

You can also add a special pegasus themed card from the pony, “signed” by the pony. 

Our Pegasus pony with a unicorn horn, highlights, and a winter coat!

Our Pegasus pony with a unicorn horn, highlights, and a winter coat!

Please contact us for pricing options.