Complete Pony Experience

The Complete Pony Experience is a hands on educational option. This is an additional 1/2 hour that can be added onto your one hour of pony rides or into your one hour of rides for the Economy Party. With the CPE, the children will learn about ponies and will be able to assist in the preparation of the ponies for the rides. We bring examples of many pony items that can be passed around. There is a question and answer section and then the children are allowed to brush the ponies in small groups, learning about the grooming and saddling aspect of the riding a horse/pony. This party is well loved by the older children around 7 and up (although we will do it for any age, you know your child best) that are very interested in horse/pony care.  Adults can even get involved in the section, stick around for the question and answer section because as everyone knows…kids say the funniest things!

Please contact us for pricing.