Birthday Parties

The Economy Party is the basic pony ride party. This party includes a couple of different options if you are working on a budget.  Additional add-ons such as multiple ponies, a party theme, and/or a petting zoo, can be added to any Economy Party.

1) One hour* of pony rides only.

2) Pony rides for 45 min*, the last 15 min the children feeding the ponies carrots that you provide (this makes a great photo op and the children/ponies love it!).

3) One half hour of Complete Pony Experience (see Complete Pony Experience page for details) with 1/2 hour of rides*. This option works the best with older children that have a real interest in ponies/horses other than just riding.

Please contact us for pricing, we look forward to hearing from you!

*Additional hours and ponies are available.