Meet Our Animals!

    Stormy – Stormy was our baby, now he is grown up and is a 8 year old grade (mixed breed) pony, who was originally owned by an Amish family. Two boys in the family actually drove him to school! They had him for sale because he was “too slow.” Thus, he was perfect for us and has become a well-loved member of our horse family. He is very curious and always peeking into the barn to see what we’re doing. He loves being brushed and especially loves his carrots. Stormy has a weight limit of 85 lbs.


 Betsy -Betsy is our best girl!  She is a smaller and gentle pony, helping even the shiest of riders gain confidence!  She is a 22 year-old Shetland pony. An Amish girl, who has now outgrown Betsy, owned her for over 10 years. Betsy also pulls a cart like Stormy and is trained to ride. She had a family of 6 kids, so she is used to being around children and giving all kinds of rides. Betsy is an extremely sweet pony, who spends most of her time in the pasture relaxing by herself or hanging out with her “crush,” Jubilee♥. Betsy has a weight limit of 55 lbs.

 Oreo -Oreo is a beautiful 8 year old black and white paint pony. Oreo is always one of the first ones up with his face by yours, looking for a loving pat. He came from a loving family where an 11 year old boy trained him and then moved on to riding horses! We want to thank his family for allowing us the joy of having Oreo in our lives! Oreo has a weight limit of 85 lbs.




Mystic-Mystic is a 20 year young Welara Pony (that is a combination of an Arabian and Welsh pony). He is our magical white pony, hence the name Mystic. When we got him, he looked just like a unicorn without the horn, beard and all! He is a beautiful boy with a sweet spirit and a graceful presence. He has been a true blessing for our parties. Mystic is kind enough to put up with many costumes, including my little pony hair, a unicorn horn, and glitter hooves. What a fun pony! He has a weight limit of 65 lbs.  


Bella-Bella is one of our sweet petting zoo goats.  She is a Nigerian dwarf goat who is about 4 years old.  She is very sweet and loving, always the first to come up for attention!

Cleo-Cleo is our other sweet Nigerian dwarf goat.  She is a beautiful girl who loves attention too!  Cleo is about 3 years old.Our "goat girls"

The “goat girls” love spending time together!

Sweet Woolly!

Woolly-Woolly is our precious black sheep.  He is one of the sweetest animals that we have ever known!  He loves for you to pet his face…quietly walking up to you, staring at you with his face in the air, eyes pleading.  “Please, please pet me he says!” He is one of our original petting zoo animals.  Woolly is a hair sheep, meaning that he sheds his wool (at least half of his body does) and he is a meat breed.  His wool is not clothing quality.  Woolly is 6 years old.

Eeyore-Eeyore is one of the petting zoo favorites.  He is an adorable miniature who is so much fun!  He has been in all of our petting zoo events, including going into nursing homes.  Nothing fazes Eeyore!  He will walk right past hospital equipment to say hello to someone in their bed! 🙂  He has been known to sport bunny ears, and even surprise a doctor in his office…the doctor came into the patient room expecting to see someone who was “a little hoarse!”  Ha ha! 


Daisy-Daisy is our miniature donkey.  She is a miniature Mediterranean donkey, about 5 years old.  Daisy loves to be brushed and petted, she will do her best to get your attention, sometimes calling out “Hee-haw!”








The “Buck-Bucks-We have an assortment of chickens for the petting zoo.  Our favorites are our sweet Silkie hen and rooster named Fancy and Cash (as in Johnny Cash, the man in black!).  We have a white Silkie named Pearl and two Americaunas (only one of which is comfortable enough with the petting zoo). 

Coming this summer…we have several different chicks coming, including one of the fun Polish chickens!

Pearl, Fancy, and an Americauna