Petting Zoo



Imagine how excited all of the children will be when they hear there is going to be a petting zoo at your party or event!! 

We are an officially USDA licensed petting zoo.

Our petting zoo is interactive…we include large pens where the children can go inside and actually be with the animals.  We allow the children to brush and pet the animals.  Many children find it great fun to even feed the chickens!


Our petting zoo includes:  USDA licensed farm animals, brushes to brush the animals, portable fencing, hand sanitizing gel station, a canopy tent that covers part of the zoo (only if the weather is hot or raining), clean up after the party.

The farm animals may include:   a miniature horse, miniature donkey, hair sheep, Nigerian dwarf goat, a Silkie chicken, a Silkie rooster, and other breeds of chickens…new fun breeds coming this summer! (Please note that animals may vary due to availability).

Newest options: We are excited to offer two more petting zoo options…the “mini petting zoo” and the nursing home/hospital option! 

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The mini zoo setup, note that the animals in this picture may vary from those available.

Mini Petting Zoo:  This option is perfect for small weekday traveling events or for dates where the large petting zoo is booked but a petting zoo is still desired for a party or event.

The farm animals available for the “mini petting zoo” are:  a miniature horse, a goat or a sheep, and two chickens.  (Please note that animals may vary due to availability).



This petting zoo is setup where animals can be reached from outside of the pens.  There will be brushes to brush the animals, a hand sanitizing station, and the opportunity to feed the chickens.

If you want a mini petting zoo alone, we require a minimum of 2 hours event time.

Please contact us for pricing.

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